Hailing from Hampshire and based in London, contemporary watercolour portrait artist Ben Rix brings a unique approach to portraiture of intimate and photorealist works. Rix is known for producing emotion-stirring pieces that both connect with the subject on a personal level and challenge the perception of watercolour.

"Watercolour as a medium comes with an unmovable stigma. It has always been viewed as an traditional painting style your Grandad uses when he goes to the beach to paint the boats on the weekend. The aim is to shake and challenge these 'traditional seaside landscape' perceptions, to produce work with a much more dynamic and contemporary vibrancy, to this otherwise 'uncool' painting medium.

Portraiture to me is the most personal and intimate form of painting, creating artwork for people can have a incredible emotional and sentimental effect which is hard to grasp in a lot of other painting styles."